How Men Should Dress

Code of Conduct is about the love of clothes. The fabrics, the cuts, and the possibilities to create an individual presence. We believe the comfort of the garment is the most important layer of style.

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Founder and Co-Designer, Garrett Brown believes, “It doesn’t matter how far out of the main stream you move, if you’re comfortable everyone else will respect it.” We have all heard the adage about being “fashionably late” so you can have all eyes on you as you enter the room. Imagine how much more impressive it would be for you to be noticed throughout the night because you took the time to curate a look meant to be enjoyed, visually.

This is why you choose custom clothing. This is why you choose to set yourself a part from the boring and drab that has become the typical.

Let Code of Conduct Clothier help you find your visual voice and paint your colour story.

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